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AeroComputers Helps With Public Safety Mission Planning



AeroComputers of Oxnard, CA provides computer systems that can manage tactical operations of public use airborne applications. These systems provide many public safety and military agencies with the most critical up-to-date information that allows them to concentrate on optimal operational methodologies, thereby helping to ensure a successful mission conclusion.

Main Products

AeroComputers designs and manufactures a range of computer and peripheral equipment that allows its users to keep their heads in the tactical operations of every mission.

  • The Ulti Chart™ Tactical Mission Management System (UC-5100) is the next-generation airborne mapping system featuring a high-precision ViewSync™ gimbal command technology.
  • The AD-Series aircraft displays are rugged HD display monitors that come in three different diagonal display sizes (AD-10, AD-12, and AD-15) that work in air, ground or shipboard operations.
  • The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides the ultimate sensor pointing accuracy for public use airborne operations.
  • The Audio/Video Recorder (X3-DVR) is the next-generation audio/video storage solution for public use airborne operations.
  • The Airborne Keyboards (AK-3 and AK-4) are rugged, backlit keyboards designed for public use and military airborne operations.

Other Information

AeroComputers works closely with industry leaders to ensure it maintains extensive operational knowledge to create the best tactical mission management systems on the market. Their partners include: L3, FLIR, Gyrocam Systems, Axsys Technologies, Argos Vision Systems, Controp USA Inc., Aero Simulators, Sagem Avionics Inc., Electronic Tracking Systems, RHOTHETA USA Inc., and Patriot Technologies Group, LLC. In addition, they are associated with the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, Helicopter Association International, PACE, and Northern California Airborne Law Enforcement Organization.

Their international distributors are Canrep and CAE Aviation.

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AD-Rugged Displays


By utilizing the latest AMLCD panels and super bright LED-backlight technology, the AD-Series delivers video performance optimized for integration with standard- and high-definition electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensors and digital map systems. Available in 10”, 12” and 15” (diagonal) versions, all AD-Series displays share the same video processing system and offer standard inputs and outputs.

Designed for law enforcement, public safety and military clients, the AD-Series features extremely durable powder-coated billet aluminum enclosures, extra-bright LED backlights, anti-reflective enhancements, wide viewing angles, and optically bonded screens. The AD-Series offers a variety of new features to increase safety in the cockpit, enhance usability, and help operators accomplish their missions.

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Rotary Switches

AeroComputers LCD Controls

The AD-10, AD-12, and AD-15 displays have MIL-SPEC illuminated rotary switches on the face of the LCD. This allows operators quick and accurate control. An illuminated light plate identifies the current setting of each control.

Inputs and Outputs

SDI DVI VGA RGB and other inputs

The helicopter cockpit LCDs from Aero Computers have VGA, SDI, HD-SDI, PAL, NTSC, and other video inputs. Plus loop thru (also called pass-through).