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Argon Corp Designs and Manufactures Ruggedized Flat-Panel Displays and Computers

For over 15 years, Argon Corp provides a wide range of COTS rugged computers and flat panel displays. Their products provide dependable performance, excellent optical quality, field proven reliability, and the outstanding product quality required by military and other rugged product users. Following the COTS philosophy, that has become standard within the defense community, Argon Corp is able to provide our customers with rapid prototypes for initial test and evaluation and follow on production units with your unique requirements included.

Argon Corp Offers:

  • Family Of Rugged Displays from 3.5″ to 20.1″
  • Family Of Laptops
  • Rugged Computing Tablets
  • Rugged Keyboards
  • Rugged KVM Switches and Extenders
  • COTS Designs That Support Technology Evolution
  • Full Program Production And Support
  • After Sales And Long Term Support
  • Major Features And Options Offered:
    • Operation Over A Broad Temperature Range
    • Sunlight Readability And Night Vision Compatibility
    • Compact Mechanical Package (Displays & Computers)
    • Full Brightness Control for Displays
    • Displays with Embedded Computers


Rugged Computers and Display Systems

Argon has a long history of providing application specific solutions for surface, subsurface, airborne and land based needs.

Rugged Displays

Argon Corp offers a full range of rugged displays from 7 to 20.1 inches diagonal. Their products can be configured to meet your application needs, including high brightness, touch screen, configurable connectors and bezel buttons, plus other mission specific options. Our displays are designed and built for use in the extreme environments typically found in the military market and are specifically designed for land based (vehicle and dismounted soldier), naval and airborne (fixed and rotary wing aircraft).

Rugged Computing

Argon offers three specific computing solutions:

  • Rugged Laptops/Workstations
  • Rugged Tablets
  • Rugged Wearable Computers

Argon Corp’s rugged computing solutions are designed around Intel ® based processors. With the latest in mature technologies that provide up to date performance typically needed for C4ISR, mission planning, near real time video, maintenance and other applications.

Argon Corp designs are highly configurable to customer specific applications and needs. Installing your specific GPS module or I/O card is no problem. Examples of other options include CD/DVD, wireless, Bluetooth, custom connectors, custom keyboards, etc. Argon Corp Laptops and Tablets are configured with our Rugged Displays providing a one stop shop and come with the same options as our stand alone displays.