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Quality And Reliability In Avionics And Space Technology


Astronautics Corporation of America is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of state-of-the-art equipment, electronics and systems for air, space, land, and sea applications. Their products are used on over 150,000 different types of aircraft, making their brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

Main Products

Astronautics main products can be divided into their applications for air, land, sea, and space.

  • Air product categories include Integrated Avionics and Mission Systems (Helicopter Systems, CNS/ATM, Mission & Display System, and Flight Director Systems), Electronic Flight Bag, Displays (EFI, EICAS, MFCD, Mission System Displays), Computers (NSS, MADC 110, DADC-105, Mission & Display Processors, MADC-108, DADC-107, DADC-104, and Airborne File Server), Flight Controls (K-2000), Navigation Systems (KN-4072, KN-4071, SKN-2416, SKN-2440, SKN-2443, IMU, KN-4073) and Primary Flight Systems (Multifunction Color Displays, 5 ATI EFI, HSI, ADI).
  • Land product categories include Navigation (Miniature Land Navigation System, Modular Azimuth Positioning System, Mod 0 CONEX® Gyro and Land Navigation System), Fire Control (FCS-10, FCS-20, FCS-40, FCS-61, LOS Stabilization Systems, Datalink Subsystems), Displays (Dash Board), and Components (K120A028, K120A030, MOD VIIA Accelerometer Triad Assembly).
  • Sea product categories include Displays (Mission & Display Processor, Seaborne Navigation System, Operating and Control Console) and Navigation (Ship Integrated Navigation System).
  • Space product category includes Inertial systems such as the tactical MRLG/Inertial Measurement Unit (KI-4920), the High Accuracy Inertial Navigation System for the Space Shuttle, the high performance Inertial Measurement Unit, the space-qualified Inertial Reference Unit, the two-axis Rate Assembly, the MOD-I/S CONEX® Gyro, the MOD VIIA Inertial Single-Axis Accelerometer (K120A054), and the MOD IIE/S Gyroflex®.

Other Information

As noted on their website, Astronautics Technology Center designs and develops cutting-edge magnetic refrigeration systems. Their subsidiary, Kearfott Corporation, is a leading designer and manufacturer of inertial navigation systems and motion and control components for platforms used in air, space, land and sea.  Kearfott Corporation’s products literally encompass the universe.  In space, its products guide and navigate satellites, the space shuttle and strategic missiles.  At sea, Kearfott products function on submarines, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and surface ships.  Kearfott products navigate and point for the armies of the world, in hostile environments, on wheeled and tracked vehicles and provide technical fire control for the most modern tanks and howitzers.  Kearfott products are on both manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary wing aircraft.