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Aydin Displays has been designing and supplying ruggedized display equipment and computer workstations for Industrial and US Military programs for over 35 years. They are experts in designing and supplying ruggedized equipment for operation in severe industrial settings and military environments such as ground mobile, airborne, and surface warships and submarines.

The Aydin Displays website overview lists a total of 32 military projects with the following breakdown:
21 US navy warship based projects
7 US and foreign military airborne projects
4 US and foreign army ground mobile projects
so 7/32 are aircraft / aviation related = about 22% of their business

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Aydin Displays HQ is located at:
1 Riga Lane
Birdsboro, PA 19508 (slightly NW of Philadelphia)
Phone: (610) 404-7400

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Aydin Displays is located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, (just Northwest of Philadelphia). Aydin’s facility is approximately 40,000 square feet, of which 30,000 is dedicated to the design and manufacture of military and industrial flat panel displays, and supports approximately 100 employees, including about 20 engineering professionals.


100 employees.


Aydin Displays, Inc. is a former division of the Aydin Corporation, which was formed in 1967. In November of 1998, Aydin was purchased by Video Display Corporation (VDC).


Aydin Displays is a leading provider in display manufacturing technology, servicing the industrial, military and air traffic control industries. Aydin offers a variety of industrial displays, rugged Military/COTS Flat Panel Displays, Military Panel PC Workstations, and Air Traffic Control Displays, ranging in size from 6.4″ to 57″ and available in numerous mounting options. Many of their products comply with shock, vibration and EMI Military standards and can be customized to include options such as integrated touch screens. Their unsurpassed commitment to quality allows Aydin to provide unique solutions for our customers.

Comparing net sales of 2011 to 2012: Overall, Aydin Displays revenues increased 37% over the prior fiscal year to $26.7 million
On April 9, 2012, Aydin Displays formed a new division, Aydin CyberSecurity, which is located in Palm Bay, FL and specializes in advanced TEMPEST technologies (all military based operations)

Air Force Programs Listed on Website (taken from the Aydin Overview Manual):

  • US Air Force C-130 Big Safari Program
  • US Air Force Ground Element Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) System (GEMS)

VDC (parent company):
1868 Tucker Industrial Rd.
Tucker, GA 30084

Company features about 500 employees worldwide, 2004 sales revenue approx. $80M

There are 4 listed products on VDC website used in aviation / transportation:

  • Aydin 30281 ATC Display (2K x 2K display)
  • 20.1″ 4420TD (Air Traffic Control Tower Display)
  • 21.3″ CFP21W2 (Cambridge High Bright Sunlight Readable Wall Mount Display)
  • 30″ 3030 ATC (Air Traffic Control Display)

VDC Revenue details (according to Yahoo! business review)

Aydin Displays Income Report

Consolidated VDC net sales increased $5.2 million or 8.8% to $64.2 million for fiscal 2012, compared to $59.0 million for fiscal 2011

You can read the Reuter’s business report of VDC for 2011/2012 here.