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Meets Diverse Operational Needs Worldwide


Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company that serves the aerospace and defense markets, while also providing industrial solutions using their technology. Their core competencies are broken into three areas: Avionics and Control, Sensors and Systems, and Advanced Materials. Esterline has operating manufacturing plants in twelve US states, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, thereby providing products and solutions to their specific regions.

Main Products

  • Advanced Sensors includes four brands, Auxitrol®, NorwichAero, Weston®, and Esterline Mexico which develop and manufacture temperature, pressure, speed and mass flow sensors for aero-engine, aero-equipment and airframe applications, as well as products geared to industrial and marine applications.
  • Avionics Systems featuring CMC Electronics products for Cockpit Systems Integration, Navigation and FMS, Display and Vision Systems, Communications, Custom Electronic Components, and Hybrid Microelectronics.
  • Communication Systems’ products include Racal Acoustics, Palomar Products, and Eclipse Electronics Systems, which feature high-quality, state-of-the-art military audio and data capabilities designed to work in the harshest battlefield conditions.
  • Control Systems is an international leader in the engineering and manufacturing of human-machine interface (HMI) technology which includes five product lines: AVISTA®, BVR, JANCO®, KORRY®, & MASON.
  • Defense Technologies develops and manufactures the largest and most-varied line of state-of-the-art ordnance products, infrared decoy flares, radar countermeasure chaff, anti-ship missile countermeasures, torpedo decoy systems, and a variety of other pyrotechnic devices for air and shipboard applications.
  • Engineered Materials product brands include Darchem, Kirkhill-TA, NMC Aerospace, which offer a range of advanced materials, components, and surface-treatment processes that are engineered specifically for extremes in temperature, vibration, and chemical exposure.
  • Interface Technologies features Advanced Input, Memtron™ & LRE Medical products which are on the cutting-edge of specialized medical equipment, custom-designed data input components, advanced military solutions, and high-tech gaming applications.
  • Metal Finishing by Hytek Finishes, a subsidiary, provides metal coating and finishing services for the aerospace and defense markets.
  • Power Systems featuring Leach® products, a broad range of high-reliable power switching and control components and equipment for aerospace, rail, and high-end industrial applications.

Other Information

As noted in their capabilities brochure, Esterline Corporation places an emphasis on research and development, which has helped them to obtain Tier 1 designations on a number of significant new platforms.These platforms include such important military programs as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the T-6B Advanced Primary Trainer.  On the commercial side, they have secured important positions on Boeing’s innovative 787 and its Airbus counterpart, the A350.