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TPQ-36/37 Radar Upgrade Specialists And More


ETI Services, Inc., based in Anaheim CA, is the manufacturer of rugged military computer and electronics products. They specialize in TPQ-36 and TPQ-37 radar shelter upgrades, as well as a variety of communication controllers, military computer systems, avionics systems, MIL-STD-1553 flight recorders, airborne and naval data links, and other computer products.

Main Products

  • TPQ -36/37 Radar Shelter Upgrade products include the RCS-series (PC and PS) with new operational capabilities and ease of maintenance solutions, the DMK for digital mapping with auto-height correction capability, and the RDR which provides radar performance evaluation in live scenarios.
  • Airborne military PC systems for helicopters, fighters, transport aircraft include RCS-PC, RCS-PS, CMC-PC, CMC-e PC, ACS, AMC-300, AMC-1000, and the AVC-301M.
  • Flight recording systems for helicopters, fighters, transport aircraft include the FDR-300 and RCS-600 data MARS.
  • Airborne and POD hardware include the P4B computer and peripheral hardware, the AIM9-L peripheral hardware, and the APS (Airborne Power Supply).
  • TDMA Data Link for air, sea, and land operations.

Other Information

ETI Services Inc. also provides custom cable and harness assembly services.