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UPDATE: Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has purchased Skyquest as of Dec 2009.

Skyquest Aircraft LCD MonitorSkyquest offers a wide range of multi-function rugged LCD displays for aircraft. Designed for use with FLIR and long range daylight video cameras, moving maps, computers and radar. Their current range of LCD monitors extends from 4″ through to 20.1″ units.

All of the Skyquest displays have:

  • Multiple video inputs
  • VGA inputs
  • picture-in-picture facility
  • video freeze frame and digital zoom  (ED NOTE: UNIQUE FEATURE)
  • internal NVG filters eliminating the need for external NVG filters
  • Very high brightness, high contrast sunlight readable screens

Skyquest also offers an optional dedicated digital video input (DVi) and HD input for use with the latest high definition camera systems. All Skyquest displays are capable of showing the entire active image area (underscan) making them perfect for use with high resolution FLIR cameras.