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Z Microsystems is a leading developer and manufacturer of ruggedized COTS electronics for military, aerospace, medical, and industrial deployment. Z has been delivering Mission-Ready solutions to Military and DoD applications for over 25 years and specializes in improving environmental limitations of industry-leading electronics. Our rugged displays, rack mount servers, storage devices, and other innovative solutions are designed to MIL-STD specs and engineered for reliable high-performance operation in harsh environments

This company does not specialize in aircraft LCD displays, but they are increasingly providing custom solutions to the United States government. A few of their monitor options are:

  • Z Microsystems’ displays offer multiple PiP (Picture-in-Picture) windows and a myriad of intelligent functionality in one footprint.
  • Designed to advance the highest performance, quality, reliability, configuration management and EOL challenges in the most demanding defense applications.

Intelligent Display Series (IDS) Panels