FLIR Launches The Affordable A6700SC Thermal Imaging Solution

FLIR launches the A6700sc, an affordable thermal imagining solution for all applications
When you’re looking for the cutting edge devices to capture and record the distribution of thermal variations in specialized precision environments, the first place to look is FLIR Systems. Since 1978 FLIR has been developing, marketing and distributing the most advanced Forward Looking InfraRed systems (FLIR) on the markets. So it’s no surprise that when they released the FLIR A6700sc that it set a new benchmark for other developers to try to achieve.

Incredible Sensitivity, Unprecedented Prices
The FLIR A6700sc comes with a suite of advancements that make it an exceptional investment for advanced applications such as Industrial R&D environments. With an Indium Antimonide detector that is internally cooled working in a waveband from 3-5 microns, it is able to produce images with incredible detail and in depth thermal information. For those needing a broader range of visibility, there is the broadband version with a 1-5 micron waveband, both producing amazing images in a 610×512 resolution.

FLIR’s equipment is prone to coming dear, especially as their devices are always on the cutting edge of Infrared imaging technology. With the FLIR A6700sc’s extremely affordable market price, it’s becoming a practical solution for more applications than ever before. This device is the first containing a cooled detector that has been offered at such a reduced rate, making it accessible to more Industrial R&D areas than ever before.
High Precision Snapshot Mode
In this newest offering from FLIR, there have been advancements made that allow for use in more high-speed applications, including heightened precision in camera synchronization and finely tuned triggering mechanisms. These advanced combinations have made it possible to capture all of the pixels from any individual image, which permits monitoring of high-speed objects without the blur intrinsic of traditional thermal cameras. At a peak performance of 480 frames per second, you’ll be able to capture more information with more precision than ever before.

FLIR ResearchIR Max Included
The FLIR A6700sc is designed for research applications, including medical thermography, non-destructive testing, and electronic inspections. In this kind of environment, the best piece of equipment won’t even be enough. Without the most advanced software available to take full advantage of the cameras capabilities, you might as well be using a lesser device.

It’s for that exact reason that the FLIR A6700sc comes with FLIR ResearchIR Max, the highest end software available for this kind of research which is specifically designed to work with FLIR equipment. This software will provide you with camera and recording controllers, charts and graphics, intuitive image colorization control, and a suite of other options that will let you take full advantage of your new FLIR A6700sc.

With almost 50 years of leading the charge for this kind of equipment, there is no better company than FLIR Systems in the thermal imaging industry. So take a look at the third newest offering, the FLIR A6700sc, and let FLIR prove to you all over again why they’re the best in the industry.