L-3 WESCAM MX-Enhancement

WESCAM has been producing the cutting edge in Electro-Optic/Infrared technology for well over 40 years, providing the foremost in quality equipment to Defense/Military, Airborne Law Enforcement, and Homeland Security around the world. The MX-Series has been proven in the most rigorous and difficult of enviornments, being used in-theater to control the battle space across over 100 platforms. The reliability of it’s equipment has seen use in UAV, Aerostat airborne platforms, fixed-wing, and many more land and air based units.

On May 28,2014 WESCAM announced the newest and most advanced line of MX-Series equipment to date, providing a wider scope of visual capabilities to all of it’s market segments. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, they have developed new easy-to-use systems with enhanced sensor operator efficiency. Enhancements to it’s surveillance systems cover a variety of important elements, increasing the efficacy of all of them to create a powerful new system.

MX-15 Surveillance System
The MX-15 has seen enhancements to it’s EO imager, providing wide-angle color low-light capabilities with powerful zoom options. This advancement works side by side with the systems existing dual-channel spotter, providing improved imaging capability under a broad range of lighting conditions, even at dusk and inclement weather conditions.

The Zoom spotter has been enhanced to provide the operator with the ability to use the proper magnification and field of view options as is appropriate to the situation, whether it’s the wide view, or the finest ultra-narrow focus. The final element of the surveillance system to see improvements is the SWIR imager, or Shortwave IR. This system is excellent for day and night missions requiring high-resolution imaging, no matter the level of atmospheric stability, even in haze and fog conditions.

MX-20D & 25D Targeting Systems
These targeting systems have been given new advancements to improve their capabilities in all theaters. Like the MX-15 the range of the Targeting system has been improved to provide advanced situation awareness through all lighting conditions with EMCCD low-light zoom with wide-angle capabilities. This is just one of the improvements that makes this system the cutting edge of systems to enhance situational awareness.

L-3 WESCAM has released a new line of technologies known as Kinetic™ technologies, that brings new capabilities to any turret equipped with tese systems. The advancements include Kinetic Speed, providing highly accurate information about ground vehicles speed, applicable in threat assessment or use in law enforcement. The Kinetic Mapping technology provides detailed information projected onto a moving map, giving line of sight and field of view for a given sensor. The Kinetic MTI is a Moving Target Indicator that can detect and track multiple targets in motion, easing the burden on the operator, and can work in conjunction with the Kinetic Map.

These systems are available from L-3 WESCAM, the world leader in Aerospace and National Security solutions, and are just a small part of the wide-reaching communication and electronics systems available for commercial and military applications. These are the premier systems available from the head manufacturer of stabilized imaging systems, and are an important edition