The Argon 19” Rugged Display Rises to Meet Any Challenge

The US Navy has joined in contract with the Argon Corporation, committing to using the incredible quality and reliability of the ARD19 display as part of it’s Airborne Mine Counter Measure (AMCM) mission. This mission required the very best of rugged displays, able to handle the rigors of the task while providing clear displays to those involved with the mission. As part of the development project to meet this mission, specific mounting and functions were built into the design to suit the demanding elements of the task.

This product was an adaptation of the existing ARD20 to include the necessary requirements, and resulted in it being brought down to 19” and bringing in a new adaptor for bringing in video. Originally fitted with the 5 wire BNC, it was adapted to a standard VGA adaptor, and made capable of receiving RS-343 video, and the controls were reconfigured to be more accessible to those set to be operating them. Such custom modifications are a common part of Argons business practice, and no small part of what makes them excel in their field.

Argon has been manufacturing devices such as these for all applications, commercial and military, for over 20 years. Their systems have seen use in naval, land, and airborne applications and in environments that are challenging or extreme, and can create difficulties for equipment built to lower standards. The base Argon 19” Rugged Display is designed with a small bevel size, capable of being mounted in multiple configurations, and with the built-in possibility of reconfiguring the I/O devices, all of which makes it capable of being repurposed for nearly any application.

The Argon 19” Display is part of the Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) series of products put forth by Argon Corp, which is a designation put forth by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). These devices are authorized to be used for both commercial and government based applications, including installation and utilization in training services, cloud services, and a myriad of other uses.

Products like the ARD19 display are designed with the modification capabilities mentioned above as part of meeting this designation. Products like this rugged display serve to reduce the overall cost of system-development and with their specialized design help reduce the cost of maintenance on a timeline. If you’re looking for a solid display system ready to face the challenges of any environment, that can be adapted to meet your demands rather than you having to reconfigure your systems to accommodate it, the ARD19 is ready to rise to the challenge.