Monarch IFE goes Wireless with new AeroFi Mplayer

When an airline with a reputation for excellence such as Monarch Airlines joins forces with AeroFi, renowned for it’s turnkey entertainment systems and a commitment to excellence, you know that you’re looking at the forefront of IFE technologies. This August has seen such a coming together, as the new Mplayer Wireless entertainment system is unveiled for the Monarch Fleet. These two companies have a reputation for providing the best possible experience to their customers, and there is little doubt that passengers can expect an unparalleled in-flight entertainment experience from this new system.

The system will provide content in both free and paid-to-access formats, allowing passengers to customize their experience with online in-flight magazines, as well as the TripAdvisor system to let them plan their time at their new destination. With the restaurant and bar reviews provided by TripAdvisor, they’ll be sure to be enjoying the best their trip has to offer. The paid access system comes at a completely reasonable £3.99 per person per flight, and will provide five cinematic treats from Hollywoods offerings, as well as BBC programmes and 50 full album musical selections.

The App will be available for download to both iOS and Android devices before the passenger boards the flight, and provides connectivity to the onboard AeroFi wireless network, the storehouse for all the control software and content available on the flight deck. To make sure that the best possible experience is provided, there will be multiple wireless access points available throughout the aircraft. This system is the culmination of two years of development between the two companies, and serves as an excellent compliment to the non-reclining seats that provide holders for passengers tablets, allowing a relaxed hands-free experience.

The system is set to be installed on the rest of the fleet by the Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd sister company through 2014 and 2015, as each of the aircraft comes in for their scheduled maitenance checks. With innovations such as these, Monarch Airlines and AeroFi will be ensuring the best possible travel experience to their passengers, and this commitment to comfort and excellence is maintained by providing this kind of forward thinking service. Gone are the days of holding your tablet or device while you enjoy the content you brought along, instead passengers will have access to the best entertainment offered by the media industry.

Other airlines hoping to keep pace with their customers expectations would be well advised to start keeping up, benefiting from both the increased satisfaction of their customers, and the extra revenue providing add on services can provide. The future of IFE is here, and it’s available in the palm of your customers hands, customizing their experience as they travel about the world. This is surely just the start of the innovations we can expect to see from AeroFi and Monarch Airlines, as they set the pace for customer expectations and experiences the world over.