New Agreement between Barco and GE for supplying Helicopter Displays

July 15th marked a new era for helicopter display technology as two of the powerhouses of the aerospace design industry came together in to collaborate in the development and supply of these systems. Barco has been developing systems that require expert display design and manufacture and the clearest and most durable technology available. Their designs have been utilized for a broad spectrum of visualization products, and the company has a worldwide reach that gives it a huge advantage in getting the best talent and experience in the industry. It’s this level of integration with the world market and dedication to providing the best visualization technology available makes their collaboration with GE Aviation a promise of amazing things to come for the industry.

GE Aviation has had a hand in almost every aspect of aerospace system design, providing leading edge advancements in thermal management, application development, computing, and graphics processing. Their reputation is impeccable, and their pedigree speaks for itself as a mover and shaker within the aviation industry. Since 1946 they’ve been making strides to grow their industry within the civilian and military industries, providing equipment to the biggest names in the aerospace industry. This collaboration is the most recent step in their dedication to bringing cutting edge systems to the world of aviation.

With Barco and GE’s investments in advancing their respective industries and technologies, they deliver integrated cockpit display systems and open architecture computing systems delivering cockpit displays designed with the highest quality materials and production methods. These systems will be applied to the WildCat and Merlin systems in the UK, and the AW159 display systems internationally, and will come with an impressive open suite development platform that will enable contractors and application writers to bring custom-tailored display and computing solutions to the helicopter industry.

This collaboration is going to bring unprecedented advancements to the Helicopter Display field, with innovations coming down the line that will result in new systems capable of advanced situational awareness. These advancing technologies will serve to provide clearer information to the operators of the vehicle, and help reduce the mental and emotional wear and tear caused by monitoring multiple independent systems to get access to all the necessary data. No matter what industry the helicopter is being utilized in, from law enforcement, to news, to military applications, the new open platforms will provide the ability to customize the instrumentations output to provide the most critical and necessary information to the pilot.

Keep an eye out for the results of Barco and GE’s collaboration, with the background and expertise combined in these companies and their solid manufacturing and distribution networks, their newest systems will be out on the market and available for distribution world-wide in short order. Even better, their commitment to open platform design will ensure it’s compatible with most modern systems and aircraft, giving pilots and operators access to the best and clearest information display systems on the market.